Serves ‘em right!

I was recently banned from commenting on Yahoo!’s wall.  When the earthquake struck Japan, I was awake and, through updates from news outlets on my phone, watched the drama unfold.  When there seemed to be a lull in the news breaks, I began reading some of comments people were leaving on Yahoo!.  I expected to see the usual trolling buzzwords like “libtard” , a Godzilla reference, or some sort of racist play on President Obama’s name, but what I wasn’t expecting was the high volume of venom being spewed regarding the earthquake and impending tsunami being divine retribution for the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  And the comments weren’t coming from crazy 90 year old veterans (as far as I know), they were made by young people.  I would understand the sentiment behind someone who was alive at the time of Pearl Harbor jumping to that conclusion.  I wouldn’t agree with them, but I would understand. But someone my age or younger making that assumption blew my mind.

I don’t know why I did it, but I felt it was my duty to respectfully inform them that, in regard to atrocities committed during WWII, the bombing of Pearl Harbor paled in comparison to the destruction caused by the US dropping two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Furthermore, the Japanese bombed a military establishment full of people who knew the risk of joining the armed forces where we bombed cities full of the elderly, women, and children.  I realize that not everyone killed at Pearl Harbor was a soldier, but it was a military base.  It was as if the earthquake had not occurred for the next few minutes.  The absurdity of my comment became the topic of discussion.  Most people just chastised me for getting off topic, but there were quite a few convinced that I was a pinko hippie and let me know what an unpatriotic coward I was for making that statement.  Unpatriotic, yes.  Coward, never.  use my real name. I use a picture of myself and not an avatar.

Why would someone who obviously believes in God to have made the claim that it was His wrath being incurred in Japan, make the connection that a powerful earthquake was vengeance for an act not committed against Himself, but against a world military power that should have been able to see it coming? I’ve heard stories about how we actually did see it coming, but didn’t do anything so as to get involved in the war, but that’s for another time. How can people be manipulated so easily to become so full of hate?


Teenage Angst Does Not Fare Well at 31 Years Old

As you, the reader, probably inferred, I am going bald.  This is the case because I am now in my early 30’s.  I also did a lot of damage to my hair in my 20’s.  Having been raised by a Baptist Music Director, I was fairly rebellious and that rebellion turned into an excess of bad decisions upon reaching legal adulthood, some of which involved using various chemicals on my head.  This blog is not about my baldness, however.


I started today as a blog child, but since have reached blogging manhood.

This is my first blog post.  Never have I blogged before.  As opinionated as I am, this should be surprising, but I haven’t been able to decide on what my first post should be about.  I mean, this is a serious matter.  The first post sets the stage, right?  Am I being paranoid by thinking if the first post sucks then all subsequent posts will not be taken seriously?  Yes.  Yes I am. I realize this, yet still have anxiety about it.  This is my problem in life.  I have all these grandiose goals, but am terrified to take the first step for fear of, I don’t know, failure I guess.  So, I decided that my first post should be about the trouble I’m having deciding what my first post should be about. Boo ya. Consequences be damned.